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Taildragger Light Sport Aircraft Manufacturers - If the only "real" airplane for you is a taildragger, you've come to the right place. These Tailwheel S-LSA will keep your feet moving!

Aeropro CZ - Aerotrek A220 taildragger
American Champion Aircraft - Champ
American Legend - AL3C-100 Cub
Bushcaddy - LSA
CubCrafters - Super SportCub
CubCrafters - CarbonCub SS
FK Lightplanes - FK-9 Mark IV video
FK Lightplanes - FK12 Comet Biplane
JG Aircraft - Tradewind
Just Aircraft - Highlander video
Kitfox Aircraft LLC - Kitfox Super Sport - SLSA
Luscombe Silvaire Aircraft Company - Silvaire LSA-8
Progressive Aerodyne - SeaRey
Renegade Aircraft - Falcon
Skycraft Airplanes LLC - SD1 Minisport
SportAirUSA - Snap! - aerobat
Zlin - Savage
Zlin - Savage Cub
Zlin - Savage iCub
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