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Low Wing Light Sport Aircraft - If you like to sit on the spar and have a commanding view of the sky, a low wing is for you! Many pilots prefer low wing S-LSA because of increased visibility in the cockpit in the traffic pattern.

Aerospool - Dynamic WT9
Aerostar - Festival R40S-GC
Air Gyro -Outback 2
AircraftManufacturing& Design LLC - Zodiac CH 650 LSi
ATEC - Faeta
Breezer Aircraft - Breezer video
BRMAero - Bristell LSA
Czech Sport Aircraft - SportCruiser
Evektor - SportStar Max
Gobosh - G700 video
Gobosh - 800XP
HansenAir Group - FA-04 Peregrine
Higher ClassAviation - Sport Hornet
Indus Aviation -T211Thorpedo
Interplane -Mystique
Interplane -ZJ-Viera
JG Aircraft - Tradewind
JIHLAVANAirplanes - KP-5/SkyLeader 500
MySky Aircraft,Inc. -MSONE
QuasarAircraft - Quasar Lite
Renegade Aircraft - Falcon
Skycraft Airplanes LLC - SD1 Minisport
SkyviewAviation -DV-1 Skylark video
SportAirUSA - Snap! - aerobat
StormAircraft- Century
T&TAviation Inc. - Falcon LS
Tecnam Aircraft - P2002 Sierra
Terrafugia, Inc. - Transition
SportAirUSA -Sting S3 video

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