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High Wing Light Sport Aircraft - If you think the wing's on the wrong side on a Piper Cherokee, these high wing light sport aircraft will fit your personality just right! Many pilots prefer the high wing design because of it's superior sightseeing capabilities and increased wing clearance for taxiing and bush operations.

Aeropro CZ - Aerotrek A220 taildragger
Aeropro CZ - Aerotrek A240 tricycle-gear
Aerosport Ltd. - C42E Ikarus
Aircraft Manufacturing & Design LLC - Zodiac CH 650 B
Aircraft Manufacturing & Design LLC - STOL CH 750
American Champion Aircraft - Champ
American Legend - AL3C-100 Cub
Allegro LSA - Allegro S-LSA
Apollo - Fox
Bilsam Aviation - Sky Cruiser
Bushcaddy - LSA
Cessna - 162 SkyCatcher video
CGS Aviation - Hawk
Colyaer - Freedom S100 Light Sport Amphibian
Colyaer - Martin3
CubCrafters - Super SportCub
CubCrafters - CarbonCub SS
Czech Sport Aircraft - Mermaid
Eagle - EA-100
FK Lightplanes - FK-9 Mark IV video
FK Lightplanes - FK12 Comet Biplane
Flight Design - CTLS
Flight Design - MC (Metal Concept) video
FPNA - A-22 Capetown video
FPNA - A-22 Valor
ICP - Savannah S
Icarus Foundation - F99 Rambo
Icon Aircraft - A5
Jabiru USA Sport Aircraft - J170-SP
Jabiru USA Sport Aircraft - J230-SP
Just Aircraft - Highlander video i
Kitfox Aircraft LLC - Kitfox Super Sport - SLSA
Luscombe Silvaire Aircraft Company - Silvaire LSA-8
Paradise - P-1
Pipistrel - ALPHA Trainer
Pipistrel - Sinus
Pipistrel - Virus
Pipistrel - Virus SW (Short Wing)
Progressive Aerodyne - SeaRey
Rainbow Aircraft - Cheetah video
Remos Aircraft - GX
S-wing Aircraft - Swing 06
Samara VVV-Avia - Elitar-Sigma
SeaMax USA - SeaMax
SkyGear - Comet Sport
SlipStream - Genesis
SlipStream - Ultra Sport
Space Coast Aviation - MD3 Rider
SportAirUSA - TL-3000 Sirius
Storm Aircraft - Rally LSA
Tecnam Aircraft - P92 Echo Classic De Luxe
Tecnam Aircraft - P92 Eaglet
Tecnam Aircraft - P2008
World Aircraft Corporation - Spirit
World Aircraft Corporation - Vision
X-Air - Xair LS
Zenith Aircraft Company - STOL CH 750 video
Zlin - Savage
Zlin - Savage Cub
Zlin - Savage iCub

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