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Folding/Detachable Wing Light Sport Aircraft - No hangar? No problem! These S-LSA have folding and/or removable wings to make storage simple. Many of these aircraft can be purchased with a custom trailer too. Typically, a folding wing S-LSA takes up the roughly the same amount of garage space as a large SUV or small boat.

Aeropro CZ - Aerotrek A220 taildragger
Aeropro CZ - Aerotrek A240 tricycle-gear
Aerospool - Dynamic WT9
Allegro LSA - Allegro S-LSA
Colyaer - Freedom S100 Light Sport Amphibian
Colyaer - Martin3
FK Lightplanes - FK-9 Mark IV video
FK Lightplanes - FK12 Comet Biplane
Icon Aircraft - A5
Just Aircraft - Highlander video
Kitfox Aircraft LLC - Kitfox Super Sport - SLSA
Pipistrel - Sinus
Pipistrel - Virus
Pipistrel - Virus SW (Short Wing)
Pipistrel - Taurus
Remos Aircraft - GX
Remos Aircraft - GXF Float Plane
Skycraft Airplanes LLC - SD1 Minisport
Terrafugia, Inc. - Transition

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