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Cross-country and Sport S-LSA - Fast, maneuverable, nimble, responsive...these high-efficiency light sport aircraft are excellent cross-country machines, or great for just boring holes in the sky. Nearly all of these designs push the 120 knot "speed limit" called for in the S-LSA rules.

Aeropro CZ - Aerotrek A220 taildragger
Aeropro CZ - Aerotrek A240 tricycle-gear
Aerospool - Dynamic WT9
Aerostar - Festival R40S-GC
Air Gyro - Outback 2
Aircraft Manufacturing & Design LLC - Zodiac CH 650 B
Allegro LSA - Allegro S-LSA
Apollo - Fox
ATEC - Faeta
Bilsam Aviation - Sky Cruiser
Breezer Aircraft - Breezer video
BRMAero - Bristell LSA
Cessna - 162 SkyCatcher video
CGS Aviation - Hawk
Colyaer - Martin3
Czech Sport Aircraft - SportCruiser
Evektor - SportStar Max
Eagle - EA-100
FK Lightplanes - FK-9 Mark IV video
FK Lightplanes - FK12 Comet Biplane
Flight Design - CTLS
Flight Design - MC (Metal Concept) video
FPNA - A-22 Capetown video
FPNA - A-22 Valor
Gobosh - G700 video
Gobosh - 800XP
Hansen Air Group - FA-04 Peregrine
Icarus Foundation - F99 Rambo
Indus Aviation - T211 Thorpedo
Jabiru USA Sport Aircraft - J170-SP
Jabiru USA Sport Aircraft - J230-SP
JG Aircraft - Tradewind
Kolb Aircraft Company - Flyer SS
MySky Aircraft, Inc. - MSONE
Paradise - P-1
Pipistrel - ALPHA Trainer
Pipistrel - Sinus
Pipistrel - Virus
Pipistrel - Virus SW (Short Wing)
Pipistrel - Taurus
Progressive Aerodyne - SeaRey
Rainbow Aircraft - Cheetah video
Remos Aircraft - GX
Renegade Aircraft - Falcon
S-wing Aircraft - Swing 06
Samara VVV-Avia - Elitar-Sigma
SeaMax USA - SeaMax
Skycraft Airplanes LLC - SD1 Minisport
Skykits USA Corp - Rampage
SkyGear - Comet Sport
SlipStream - Genesis
SlipStream - Ultra Sport
Space Coast Aviation - MD3 Rider
SportAirUSA - Snap! - aerobat
SportAirUSA - TL-3000 Sirius
SportAirUSA - Sting S3 video
Storm Aircraft - Rally LSA
Storm Aircraft - Century
T&T Aviation Inc. - Falcon LS
Tecnam Aircraft - P92 Echo Classic De Luxe
Tecnam Aircraft - P92 Eaglet
Tecnam Aircraft - P2008
Tecnam Aircraft - P2002 Sierra De Luxe
Terrafugia, Inc. - Transition
World Aircraft Corporation - Spirit
World Aircraft Corporation - Vision
X-Air - Xair LS

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